Tanglin actress Caitanya Tan sharing about her Indian name draws flak online

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TL;DR – That’s not my name.

A video titled A Chinese Growing Up With An Indian Name recently uploaded by local Facebook page, Millennials of Singapore, has been making its round on the Internet.

This video was uploaded on 11 July and within 48 hours, it has gathered over 250,000 views, 1,700 shares and 300 comments for various reasons.

For those who have yet to watch the video, here’s a summary of what went on:

  • My dad gave me an Indian name and I hated it

  • I am 100% Chinese
  • People don’t understand my name and I was made fun of since I was a kid
  • I kinda feel like a victim of ‘micro-racism’
  • As a result, I changed the original pronunciation of my name to one that some stranger came out with because it feels more international
  • Wonder Woman by any other name would still be as badass (Gal Gadot ftw!)

The Internet has spoken

The video has since created quite a stir online.

Comments about the video range from people sharing their own similar experiences to reassuring her how nice her name really is, to questioning the intent of this video. Some feel that name-calling has really nothing much to do with the origin of the name but simply because it is part of growing up and “it’s something that kids do.”

Many were also offended by the video, calling it “insensitive to the social fabric of our local community” as well as “unclear and contradicts each part of the previous statement that it makes herself a racist.”

Beyond 231 seconds

A video which probably lasted as long as the time you needed to cook your ‘Maggi Mee’ (hey, this reminds me of my poor classmate who constantly got teased because of her name Maggie) probably didn’t give you enough context.

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So here’s a blog post she wrote some months back that gives more insights about her name. (Link)

So, who is Caitanya?

For the unaware and those who don’t watch local TV, she is an actress in Singapore’s current favourite (and probably only) local English drama – Tanglin.

Someone give this guy a hug

Amongst all the comments, this guy deserves the biggest hug.



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