The Mysterious Case of the Town Council Doppelgänger

By July 11, 2017Current

TL;DR – Ownself check ownself?

As seen circulating on Facebook recently, a harmless notice was pinned on a noticeboard in Marine Parade that most people would usually not notice.

(Yes, the usage of three ‘notice’s in one sentence was deliberate.)

Assuming that this is not a “trolltice”, what are some of the reasons that this can happen?

  • A mistake made when creating the notice?
  • Twin brothers with the same last name?
  • A lack of manpower?
  • Or is it simply a case of ownself check ownself?

If it’s a lack of manpower, is it even fair or possible for one worker to take on both roles? Are we overworking our staff here?

And if it’s the latter, is this notice even necessary?

It might seems like a trivial matter but it sure puts lots of netizens into confusion while trying to solve this mystery of seeing double.

P.S. This article is not written by Smith and checked by Smith.

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