Are our local breakfasts killing us slowly?

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TL;DR – You are what you eat.

There is a popular saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but are our local fares doing this meal justice?

If we were to take a look around the world,

In Sweden, they start their day with eggs and caviar (spread). 

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In Iceland, they mix fruit and nuts with yoghurt. 

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In Spain, they put olive oil and tomatoes on toast. 

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In Singapore, we indulge ourselves with some of the best local hawker dishes that is often carb-heavy and fried, such as nasi lemak, roti prata, carrot cake, economic beehoon (topped with fried chicken wings too). Our idea of going “healthy?” Bak chang, fishball noodles, glutinous rice which surprise, surprise, are not only high in calories but in sodium as well.

I’m no nutritionist of course but some reading up might scare you.

Of course there are those who believe that there is no point to life if we don’t indulge, especially since we are living in food paradise Singapore!

At the end of the day, as annoying as it sounds, I guess it’s all about moderation and trying to make our unhealthy food a little healthier such as by skipping the sambal chilli sauce and requesting for more vegetables.

Or my personal preference?

Just go big on some days (extra lard, please!) and eat cleaner on other days.

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