How to remember so many Gahmen elderly schemes?

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TL;DR – So confusing.

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We all have this one friend that will always sit at the coffeeshop and scold our gahmen for not helping out with whatever they are doing. In my case, my friend is one of those new business startup owners who’s always complaining about how our gahmen is not supportive enough. He feels that instead of being supportive, they are making things even harder with things such as CPF, Progressive Wage Model (PWM) etc.

When I told him that there is support available from Spring Singapore, e2i, WDA, and other relevant bodies depending on your project, he was very surprised.

Yet without checking them out, he brushed me off with, “Aiya, this kind of grant very hard to get one lah. Gahmen money where got so easy to take. You think it is as easy as how they take from us at the ERP gantries meh?”

To be honest, I don’t blame him. If you are not a business consultant or someone who puts in effort to read up, it can be hard to access such information. One of the many reasons could be because there are so many of such grants available and as far as I know, there isn’t a single website (yet) that consolidates all these information. That being said though, if you going to be getting some money out of it at the end of the day, I don’t see how why you shouldn’t put in effort to do some research.

Besides business grants, do you know that there are also many grants for the elderly as well?

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These elderly schemes are not exactly easy to remember either. Especially with different criteria to fulfil – seriously, who can really remember such stuff?

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If you have taken enough taxis around Singapore, I’m sure you’re familiar with the taxi uncle talk.

However, if you are reading this article and judging me for not knowing enough, here’s a quiz that we’re challenging you to try.  

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(Readers who get all the answers correct stand to win a 2D1N stay at Mandarin Oriental Carpark. Simply send the results screenshot along with your personal details to [email protected])

Some of the questions can be quite tricky in my honest opinion,


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