Top 9 Singaporean memes everyone should have in their phones

By June 28, 2017Local Life

TL;DR – Singaporeans do it better.

With the increasing popularity of instant messengers, it’s no surprise that mobile phones have lost their primary function of calling. Everybody just texts these days. This has also been reflected with our local telcos where comparison between plans is all about how much data we can get.

As the saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words” and so, we are introducing you here nine of our favourite local memes including how you should use them when replying your WhatsApp conversations and group chats.

1. Mai lah mai lah wa mai lah

When to use: When you don’t want something.

Example: “Bro, I got this single girl to intro you.”

2. Win liao lor

When to use: When you run out of things to say to a friend.


“Eh where are you? You are already late by more than an hour.”

“Sorry, train broke down again”

3. Welcome to Singapore

When to use: Satire; mostly when you are disappointed with this country.

Example: “Wah sian, parking damn expensive.”

4. Come, I clap for you

When to use: When your friend does something you don’t believe in. Usually used in a sarcastic manner.

Example: “Damn tired. Didn’t sleep whole night cause playing mobile legend.”

5. Give this guy a medal

When to use: When someone does something that’s really worth a pat on the shoulder.

Example: “Wah, just now someone cleared his own table at the hawker centre leh!”


When to use: When someone did not invite you along to something/ somewhere. Though to be honest, this meme is bloody annoying.

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Example: “We were at the new Zouk the other day and it was damn crowded!”


When to use: When you feel like you are being bullied.

Example: “Sorry, I cannot go to Zouk with you. I want to stay home Netflix and chill.”


When to use: When someone says something without photographic evidence.

Example: “EH BRO! That day you never come Ultra with us. Got this girl damn hot leh.”

9. You don’t CB

When to use: We all know this one. Let’s just not go there.


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