National servicemen to get free travel on buses and trains but the Internet thinks otherwise

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TL;DR – Glass half full or half empty?

To commemorate the effort of our nation’s 50 years of National Service, local transport companies – SMRT, SBS Transit, Go-Ahead Singapore and Tower Transit Singapore have come together to offer free travel on buses to any past and present serviceman.

What sounded like a harmless goodwill effort soon turned sour pretty quickly on the Internet.

Well, some have their own “valid” concerns.

I can’t defend and insist that this idea is one of the best I’ve heard in recent years but I do think that while it’s not exactly a life-changing initiative, it’s a good start to show some appreciation to our servicemen. Maybe starting with this initiative, more businesses can join in to offer more perks for our servicemen, like how they officially celebrate Veterans Day in the US.

While some might argue that our soldiers do less than other soldiers who have been to war, let’s just say that being always ready to ensure that war doesn’t happen in our country is just as important.

Of course what we read on the Internet doesn’t represent every single person in Singapore.

I spoke to some of youths and here are some thoughts:

“I think it’s not really about the free rides but the day should be about making servicemen feel appreciated.” – JJ, 20, waiting for enlistment.

“It might not be the best idea for past servicemen but I think it’s pretty good for people like me currently in the force. It makes me feel proud.” – Shawn, 21, current NSman

“People should take it positively. If you don’t like it then just keep quiet. There are people who will benefit from it since our allowance isn’t exactly the highest.” Ben, 19, current NSman

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What more do you think we can or should do?


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