5 of our favourite movies with strong female leads who kick ass

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TL;DR – Then there were five.

The highly anticipated premiere of Wonder Woman on local shores has compelled moviegoers and comic book fans alike to watch it on the big screen. Gal Gadot dons the mantle of the iconic character and according to many reviews, she has earned the right to wear the tiara in every way. She is both inspiring and innocent at the same time yet still possesses the prowess to face an army alone and is but one of many female protagonists who totally debunked the tropes of women being damsels in distress.

Here’s our list of 5 other female leads who proved that they are definitely not the weaker sex.

The Bride in Kill Bill

Considered by many as one of Quentin Taratino’s best works, The Bride’s tumultuous journey to find and kill Bill, the man responsible for the murder of her fiancé, clearly shows her strength and willpower to overcome any obstacles that stand in her way. Her brutal showdown in the suburbs with Vernita Green was so visceral it made other fight scenes seem like a playground squabble between two kids. Oshii-Ren, another of her nemesis, was involved in a ballet of gratuitous violence and copious bloodletting with the titular character. Oshii’s eventual demise in a snow covered garden was equal parts elegance and savagery which catapulted it to one of the most memorable set pieces in the movie.

Sergeant Ripley in Alien

Helmed by acclaimed action director Ridley Scott, this was our first contact with the terrifying alien species known as Xenomorphs. The mere silhouette of its elongated head, razor sharp teeth and claws would make anyone turn around and run for cover. But Ripley had to face head on. The excellent pacing of the movie provides a bird’s eye view of how she transforms from an innocent bystander in a scary situation to a heroine that is challenged by a relentless predator every step of the way. The climax was especially satisfying as she utilised ingenious methods to launch the Xenomorph into the abyss of space.

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Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Terminator franchise has always dabbled in the confusing science of time travel but Sarah Connor, the mother of John Connor who ultimately leads the resistance against Skynet, had to deal with a shape-shifting entity made of liquid metal known as T-1000. Even though she had a shotgun toting ally in T800 which was sent from future by her son, she showed she was more than capable of fending for herself and protecting her son at the same time. Sarah may seem intimidating to some due to her tough-as-nails persona but it’s her unconditional love for her son that makes her truly invincible.

Maggie Fitzgerald in Million Dollar Baby

The female protagonist Maggie, had to conquer insurmountable odds to achieve her dream of becoming a professional boxer. She not only had to prove herself in a male dominated industry but battle sexism from her potential managers and coaches. True grit and perseverance were her weapons of choice in order to convince them she was worth not only their time but had the latent aptitude to become something even greater than they thought she was. However one fight proved to be her ultimate downfall which left her with severe injuries, thus ending her career and almost her life with it. She became a paraplegic and asked her coach to put her out of her misery. She realised her dream and has done everything she set out to do. The final scene became the embodiment of how excruciating vulnerable we all are. Fulfilling her last wishes was the most deserving send off to a warrior that never gave up, no matter what.

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Hit Girl in Kick Ass

Eleven year old girls are quite harmless, right? We couldn’t be more wrong when Mindy Macready, also known as Hit Girl, maims and kills several evil henchmen who were twice her height and size. Due to unforeseen circumstances, her father saw fit to train her in martial arts and weapons so she would eventually assume the role of an ass kicking vigilante. It is still a story about revenge but Mindy was thrust into an environment where crime fighting was the only thing that validated her existence. Instead of harbouring the innocence a normal eleven year old is supposed to have, she substitutes that with a singular purpose: to rid the city she lives in of all evils. And of course, to kick serious ass.


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