Family hits $250K target with crowdfunding to bring comatose father back from Japan

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TL;DR – Faith in Singaporeans, restored.

Crowdfunding in Singapore has received quite a bad name in recent years, with many seeking help online for odd reasons.

Please help me bring my father home (via GIVE.ASIA)

We were alerted to a particular movement yesterday Friday 28 April painfully titled Please help me bring my father home and it chronicles 25-year-old Eileen Cheong’s plea to help her hospitalised father return from Japan.

According to the page, her family had left for Tokyo on 19 April 2017 to celebrate her mother’s remission from cancer when in a cruel twist of fate, her father went into a cardiac arrest shortly after they arrived in Tokyo. He was resuscitated and admitted to the ICU of Toho Medical University Omori Hospital and placed on mechanical support and unfortunately remained unconscious throughout. With mounting medical bills and no insurance coverage due to his pre-existing heart condition, the family found themselves in need of about $250,000 to cover the cost of his medical bills in Japan as well as the air ambulance transfer, not including the additional costs that may arise from continual medical treatment if he makes it back home. As a last resort, she took it online and help poured in, presumably from fellow Singaporeans.

At 2pm yesterday, we saw that about $7,000 has been raised and as at 1pm Saturday 29 April, S$239,247.69 has been raised by 3,004 people and Ms Cheong has since ended the campaign as she managed to hit the S$250,000 target along with private donations .

In an update, Ms Cheong thanked donors for the support and help rendered to the family and says that they are in the midst of arranging for an air evacuation to bring her father home and getting him the care he needs.

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We are touched by the outpour of kindness from Singaporeans and wish the family all the very best.


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