That fehmes influencers video? Faves Asia responds

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TL;DR – Micro-Influencers are not wannabes, they’re sincere people who wants to grow.

Remember that video about the “fantastic platform” that can get you free food, free manicures, invites to glamorous parties and a Maserati-driving boyfriend (or Grabcar Premium driver)?

After some sensation about it online, said platform Faves Asia eventually took down the video though unfortunately the Internet never forgets.

They also finally gave their  “Response to the Commotion around”:

In case you can’t read the Facebook post, it says,

This video was a pet project created by the team alongside many great friends that chipped in to help.
The creation of this video was meant to be a fun project for the team and our talents to work on something together.
It was never our intention for the video to paint an inaccurate representation of the industry.
While we admit the team did attempt to exaggerate the storyline to make it more humorous, we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any unintended misrepresentation.
The video content, like sportscar and fans waiting outside, were purely meant to be exaggerated, funny and catch attention for everyone to laugh it off.
The whole video was scripted, everyone were just acting their role out and none of them are materialistic in real life.
We noticed that some people viewed the video differently from our original intention,
and they took the exaggerated content as something serious,
misunderstanding that was the exact image FavesAsia’s trying to portray.
We did not want to continue creating the wrong impression among the public, hence we took down the video.
Faves Asia aims to provide a simple way for instagrammers to fully leverage on their social reach to enjoy experiences and earn extra income while increasing awareness for brands.
Over the past months, we’ve worked with multiple brands to roll out multiple successful marketing campaigns.
Micro-Influencers Marketing is indeed coming of age where the advertisement blindness is much lower, a more diverse and genuine reach.
Here’s something that we would like to take this chance to stand up for as well.
Micro-Influencers are not wannabes, they’re sincere people who wants to grow.
Acting and singing are two huge dreams that’s out of reach for many people.
Gaining popularity on Instagram is something within reach, a smaller success that we can work hard towards.
We should not put down the hopes of our friends who wants to grow and shine on instagram.
FavesAsia provides the platform for instagrammers who wish to gain such opportunities.
Great thanks to those who have been understanding. Cheers!

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