Instagrammer @TaraMilkTea finds her pictures being copied by another poster

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TL;DR – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or is it?

We know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but what happens when it becomes a little too similar?

Remember the much-talked about Instagram copying that shook the (digital) world last year?

Well, it’s happening again… this time round to Asian-Australian (her mum’s Singaporean by the way) fashion and travel blogger, Tara Milk Tea and architecture student Caitie’s Cloud who is also based in Sydney, Australia.

All images via @taramilktea’s IG story

(For background information, @taramilktea has 636,000 followers and @caitiescloud has 9,762.)

Caitie also went to Japan where she took a couple of shots that are rather similar to Tara’s,

Such as in this Harajuku candy store.

And it’s not just limited to the photos,

As a fairly active user of Instagram myself, I get it that we tend to turn to the community for inspiration. I mean, how many ways can you photograph a coffee cup and a plate of French toast?

But I don’t know, these kinda scream too close for comfort. What do you think?

Do or Do Nut?

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  • Ranyoi says:

    Although I think that Tara Milk Tea has photographs that are slightly more refined and pleasing to look at, this is really interesting to me because it shows that Instagram success is not based solely on what you photograph. They are photographing ( pretty darn nearly) the exact same things, but one person has hundreds of thousands of followers, and one has only a few thousand. That is a huge difference. Why? What is Tara Milk Tea doing so different (besides being original and slightly better technically), to be SO much more popular? I wonder if this copy cat was doing an experiment to show this? Because it has really made me stop and think and wonder.
    Also, it’s really hard not to want to copy Tara’s INCREDIBLE desk space.
    Also, those fab flatlays.
    This post really has me wondering now, the REAL secrets to Instagram success.

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