Will Singapore ever have its first nude beach?

By March 21, 2017Perspectives

TL;DR – It’s getting hot in here.

Nude beaches, topless beaches, clothing-optional beaches, naturist resorts or however you wish to call it are basically beaches that allow people to go nude so as to get a good tan and engage in other beach activities without clothes. And here’s why I think Singapore should have its own nude beach soon!

1. Singapore is one of the top destinations in Asia for holidays

Honey, look!

Since tourism is a big contributor to our overall GDP, this should further boost our economy.

2. Singapore is sunny throughout the year (Almost)

No lah, ponding doesn’t happen every day. Image source: CNA.

Besides enjoying the feeling of liberation, many like to tan sans clothes there wouldn’t be unsightly tan lines. This activity obviously requires the sun and yes, we have it good.

3. Our beaches are (somewhat) clean!

Image source: Tripadvisor

While we do not have beaches like those of Maldives or Boracay, I would say that our Sentosa beaches are fairly decent in terms of cleanliness.

4. Our country is safe

Image source: vulcanpost

Low crime doesn’t mean no crime but it’s always better to start with somewhere with low crime. While some may say that it is such activities that might increase crime rates, I beg to differ. I choose to believe that Singaporeans and our tourists are a bunch of mature adults who will not break the law.

5. We are good at having policies and guidelines for everything

Singapore is one of the countries that has all sorts of governing policies. Some might argue that we have too much red taes (like missing out a “P” ain’t imortant) but I choose to think that Singapore always thinks ahead. Prevention is better than cure. We can set guidelines such as age limits, no camera phones and various do’s and don’ts for a start. I’m sure we can make this work.

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Overall, I think that the human body is beautiful and it doesn’t always have to be sexual. It’s just natural since we were born this way anyway.


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  • Tom Yam says:

    Singapore got casinos, Singapore must have nude beach.
    Singapore Government should support nudism, it can bring more income to our country.

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