Online survey shows that 62% of Singaporeans find PM Lee’s performance “below satisfactory”

By March 20, 2017Current

TL;DR – Of course, everything on the Internet is true.

An online survey result done with a incredibly ‘huge’ sample size of 50 people was released on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I’m not sure which irresponsible research company ditched this project in a last minute fashion, and thus the research was handed over to Mr Tan Kin Lian and conducted via Facebook. The results were then published on Mr Tan’s Facebook page.


Of course, netizens these days have been trained to question everything on the Internet these days, thanks to girls with big eyes, flawless skin and Mei Tu Xiu Xiu.

Since they are people who sounded like they ain’t too happy with the sample size, here comes a good suggestion,

To which Mr Tan positively took his advice.

So what’s the conclusion of this poll anyway?

Aiya, still need to buy his book. Anyone got PDF version can share or not?

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