6 shows you don’t expect to find on Netflix but do anyway

By March 5, 2017Entertainment

TL;DR – Netflix and chill, anyone?

After months of deliberating, I’ve finally decided to get my Netflix subscription. Not exactly because I want to Netflix and chill but simply because our free-to-air television programs are not doing their job. I must say it’s a pretty good investment so far and guess what I’ve found on it?!

1. Teletubbies

One of the strangest things that was really popular during my teenage years. Didn’t get it then, still don’t get it now.

2. He-Man and Masters of the Universe

80s kids will know this. And it’s probably why you need to get a Netflix account pronto. By the way, the first month is free. #justsaying

3. Hot clicks wanted

Besides on-going or old television programs, Netflix also has their own exclusive content known as NetFlix Original. Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary about the “amateur” porn industry and what goes down behind the scene. No pun intended.

4. Marco Polo

I guess my problem is not about why it’s on Netflix but like many others who have watched it – why was it even produced?!

I guess there is only one way to correct your mistake. Recently cancelled by Netflix after a forgettable two-season run, the historical drama which focuses on the famed trader and explorer has the lowest critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes across all of Netflix’s original programs with just 24% on the Tomatometer.

Fun fact, Netflix reportedly lost $200 million on the show. Woah.

5. Boys Over Flowers

This might very much be just me, but I never knew Netflix also includes programs that are not made in Hollywood. You can also find shows such as Dream Knight (Korea), You’re My Destiny (Taiwan), Autumn’s Concerto (Korea), Ekaant (Indian) and many other shows from Asia. Strangely they don’t have Descendants of the Sun. I am also really looking forward to them adding some of the 80s and 90s iconic Hong Kong movies into their library. It probably wouldn’t happen anytime soon but one can dream right?

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6. Happy Tree Friends

Remember this from the late 90s? This cartoon could very much be the most shared video on Facebook if the social media platform existed then. Well, it’s not exactly Tom and Jerry and it’s definitely not meant for anyone but I must say that the team at Netflix has pretty good taste in their program planning.


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