We tried the KFC Chizza and here’s what we honestly think

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TL;DR – Warning: Graphic Images Ahead.

The KFC Chizza photographed by me.

So if you haven’t heard, KFC has a new item on its menu known as the Chizza. With a bit of intelligence, you will be able to guess that it’s basically Chicken + Pizza.

If you are like me, someone who is pretty adventurous when it comes to food (or someone who makes bad decisions in life), you should totally give it a try.

You know the whole reality vs expectation thingy?


Really have to give it to their food photographer.


In case you guys think I’m a bad photographer, here are some pictures I took off my Facebook timeline.


And in case you guys feel that I’m biased and the sampling is too small when limited to just my Facebook feed, I also snooped around Instagram for more.



By the way, the piece of chicken is supposed to be in a heart shape. LOL. WHAT?

Generally I think it tasted decent as a piece of food but because of the cheese and the way it’s prepared, the chicken has pretty much lost its crispiness. It’s like neither a good piece of fried chicken nor a good slice of pizza.  If I should lose my memory, yup I will still try it again for the novelty, but if you ask me to eat it again anytime soon, most probably not. I still prefer my good old two piece chicken (crispy, please) and pizza – served separately.

Behind closed doors

Anyway, we also tried to reverse engineer the thought process of how they came out with this.

Dude, “Let’s have lunch.”

Girl, “Eat what?”

Dude, “Chicken burger lor.”

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Girl, “Nahhh.. bread.. Carbs leh..”

Dude, “Pizza?”

Girl, “Also carbs mah..”

Dude, “Okay lor. Take the cheese and everything throw on top of a piece of fried chicken. No carbs. Can?”

Girl, “Wah! No carbs. Confirm good for my diet. Let’s go!”



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