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TL;DR – Let’s get the party started.

It’s the time of the year where you ask ourself what have you achieved in the past year and if you didn’t achieve much (there there), the next question would probably be where did all your time go. No prizes for guessing right where did my time go but here are my entertainment picks for 2016.

There are plenty of good work out there so it’s really tough to narrow down to just 3 to 4 that I would recommend. They might not be award-winning or even with high ratings but they are those I really like. Also, please hold your hate mails if I didn’t pick your favourite movie lol.



This Star Wars movie is nothing like any before. Not only does it not have the epic Star Wars opening crawl, it also doesn’t have a lightsaber fight scene, and no Jedi in this show either. It’s a show of the unsung heroes, the one that tells you the story that no one’s ever asked – it’s basically a film that shows appreciation to the blue collar workers of the Rebellion. And we have Ip Man in the show too. So why not?


Not exactly the Academy Awards kind of movie but it’s one of those movies that works for a simple date night or even new year gathering. The jokes are really good and easy to watch. It also features my favourite Pitch Perfect stars, Adam Devine and AnnaKendrick, as well as erm, that high school musical dude – Zac Efron. That’s some serious eye candy even if you don’t like the plot.

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Not exactly the most popular show with movie critics. In fact some of my friends didn’t even know about this show airing on the big screen. It’s one of those random shows that you pick and end up getting your mind blown away. And yes, there’s a major plot twist that I really enjoyed. oops. #spolieralert Oh, Anna Kendrick again I know. Bias much.


I am pretty sure I’m the minority that didn’t like this show at all. I love zombie shows but just not this one. The only reason I actually caught it was because.. erm… FOMO.

TV Series


Based on the 1973 Michael Crichton movie of the same name, Westworld is a show about an amusement park intended for rich vacationers. If you know who Michael Crichton is, he is also the man behind one of the all-time classic, Jurassic Park. Expect nothing right to happen on Westworld but interestingly you will enjoy everything that goes wrong. This is really a MUST WATCH of the year. P.S. If you are familiar with HBO’s work, expect lots of blood, violence, and nudity.


In short, “The Night Of”  is a story about a complex New York City murder case. It’s not about how the crime was solved or happened but what caught my attention was the strong cultural and political overtones throughout the show.


What if everything you thought you knew about the afterlife is wrong? (I mean, what’s the chance that you think you are right?) The good place is a light-hearted comedy featuring Kristen Bell. I actually stumbled upon this show when I was in LA’s Universal Studios Hollywood studio tour where it was shot.

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This is the ONLY K Drama that I’ve completed. I don’t mean this year but I mean ever. In my life. Not the biggest fan of anything K (besides Korean BBQ) but DOTS was pretty good. I must say the Koreans are really good at playing up the whole romance thing.



I know this song is technically from 2015 but it has been my earworm all year round. I never liked Bieber back in the days but this new album of his totally changed my impression of him, so much so that I actually drove 40mins just to take a peek of his front gate when I was in LA. #Belieber


This song is very annoying. It’s so annoying that it got stuck in my head and never got out. To make things worse, it’s everywhere! On radio, road shows, events, and parties. Fine. WERK WERK WERK. As annoying as it is, it’s a big song. Rihanna, you win.


It’s Bruno Mars. ‘Nuff said.


It’s Justin Timberlake. ‘Nuff said. Oh wait, I don’t think I can use this caption twice. From the popular Disney original motion picture – Trolls. I’ve seen kids in the neighbourhood dancing around to this. What happened to good old nursery rhymes?



This is what I call the FPS version of DOTA. Hours and hours of fun with simply nothing more than just a few maps and heroes. There’s no campaign mode nor storyline. As silly as it sounds, I spend a good amount of time on it just trying to unlock the loot box to collect the skin I like for my favourite hero.

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For the non-gamers, Final Fantasy is one of the biggest brands out there and every time there’s news of a new release, everyone will just stand still and wait for every piece of update on the internet. No surprise, this new instalment did not disappoint anyone at all. The open world game play and super detailed graphics is just WOW.


I don’t think I need to say much about this. I can’t remember when was the last time my park was filled with people. It’s really amazing to see kids, parents and even grandparents  playing the same game altogether. The game has slowed down a lot since its launch but players are always still lurking around for new release of Pokemon like the recent Ditto as well as Christmas Hat Pikachu.

Here are my picks. Feel free to challenge them and if you have not watched or tried any of the above, you are welcome!



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