Will you lend 75cents to a foreign worker?

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TL;DR – What happens when people are asked to lend money to a stranger.


If you’re at the supermarket and a foreign worker – or anyone actually – comes up to you and asks for 75 cents to buy a bottle of water, would you help?

The folks at NTUC FairPrice decided to put that to a test and it’s pretty heartening to see that many patrons would actually help, without expecting anything in return.

This is part of a collaboration with the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) to demonstrate and inspire graciousness through capturing acts of kindness between FairPrice shoppers. This series, Giving Back for the Better, is meant to encourage kindness.

In FairPrice’s own words,

Everyone can do their part to spread a little kindness to make everyday lives better.

Other than this video of FairPrice shoppers showing kindness to a migrant worker, other scenarios such as whether people would help a pregnant lady or a makcik who’s been knocked into can be viewed here.

The FairPrice chain of supermarkets is one of many NTUC social enterprises which also include Foodfare, Link, First Campus, LearningHub, Health and Income to help Singaporeans in the areas of managing cost of living as well as ageing and health matters.

By the way, it was International Migrants Day yesterday (18 Dec), but if you ask me, I don’t think we need a special day to show that we care. It’s the little everyday things that count, as best expressed by Facebook user Kerry Cheah:

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