Starhub outages = time to make use of small spaces?

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TL;DR – Internet down? Sleep early… Or make babies…

Photo from Starhub via CNA

Photo from Starhub via CNA

Trouble for Starhub users first started on Saturday. That was when Starhub’s fibre broadband services first went down this week. According to Starhub users, the outage started at 10pm on Saturday. Starhub said that the problem was rectified at 2am. But it looks like whatever band-aid solutions Starhub used didn’t solve the root of the problem. Starhub’s broadband services went down again on Monday evening.

Even singer Taufik Batisah joined in the criticism of Starhub, asking if they would get compensation “for tethering our mobile data to finish our work”.

Another user made this caustic remark:

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

I’m sure Starhub would have wished that their outages were of a same nature as the Dyn cyberattacks. That’s a series of attacks where hackers denied service to a large number of websites (including AirBnB, Spotify, and Twitter) in America. At this moment, it’s not clear what the actual root causes are.

According to a Facebook post by Starhub, the second outage was due to some network equipment issues. Apparently, the outage on Saturday was also due to network equipment issues. It is not known if both outages were due to the same issues with the same network equipments. Starhub is still looking into the root causes of the issue. The latest update today reported that investigations are being carried out to determine if hackers were involved.

In this day and age where we are all hyper-connected, the lack of access to the Internet is a great torture. It is no wonder that the people who are affected are upset. At least network problems happened at night. So not that bad. Those affected can get an earlier night:

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook.

So outage at night, ok. Just go sleep earlier. Don’t let it happen on the weekend!

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But there is a silver lining to all these problems. Sleeping isn’t the only thing you can do at night when you don’t have Internet connections. There are still those… erm… things you can do in small spaces. Like… you know… make babies:

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

We wonder if this whole saga is the latest scheme by the National Talent and Population Division (NPTD), which Ms Josephine Teo is in charge of, to get people to spend more time making babies. If it is, then it’s certainly an truly ingenious one. Hopefully, nine months from today, we get a bumper crop of Singaporeans!


Updated 26th Oct 2016
It has just been confirmed that cyberattacks were behind the two outages.



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