Singapore’s Imperial Treasure Chinese Restaurant Awarded Two Michelin Stars in Shanghai!

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TL;DR – Who’s hungry in Shanghai?

via Imperial Treasure

via Imperial Treasure

Guess what? Singapore’s very own Imperial Treasure has done us very very proud! It was announced yesterday that the Imperial Treasure Shanghai has been awarded two stars in the inaugural Michelin Guide 2017. Congratulations!


Since it opened its first restaurant in Singapore back in 2004, the Imperial Treasure group of fine Chinese restaurants has become many Singaporeans’ favourite. It started to expand overseas in 2012 and opened its first restaurant in Shanghai. It now has five restaurants in Shanghai, including the first and flagship restaurant at The Bund. The other four outlets are located at the bustling Hongqiao Commercial District.





via Imperial Treasure

via Imperial Treasure

You can read the full media release here.

(Featured image via Imperial Treasure)

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