5 times why STGCC is the raddest place to be at the moment

By September 11, 2016Local Life

TL;DR – Get down. Get down. And move it all around.

This has been a very happening weekend in Singapore, particularly at the Marina Bay area. Nope, I ain’t referring to the Pokemon-catchers in action but there’s the Race against Racism, Ultra Music Festival and of course, the most happening of all, STGCC 2016.

Now, for the uninitiated, STGCC is the Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Convention where basically, the coolest people gather annually for an event like no other.

1. Much fashion, such style, very wow

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Who needs New York Fashion Week when we have this happening right here right now?

2. They truly embrace Singapore’s national pastime


… of queuing. Well done, sons!

3. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white


Or in this case, male or female.

That very hot chick right over there is actually a He (totally putting my makeup skillz to shame) and if you can’t get enough, just type “Haoge Cosplay” into your Google search bar.

Thank me later.

4. Equal rights for all 

_dsc7627 _dsc7642

In the true spirit of caring and sharing, the good people at STGCC will help you to integrate and join the family. With hands-on game booths and tutorial sessions from the very kind volunteers, you can be a Magic: The Gathering expert pro in no time and who knows, you might soon be the Joseph Schooling equivalent in the world championships!

5. Who needs Ultra?

When you’ve got these real dancers in the house!

For those interested, the STGCC convention ends today 11 September at Marina Bay Sands Level B2.

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