Pssst, I think SIA is planning something special for Schooling! (Updated)

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TL;DR – Over to you, SIA!

Not badddd…! Social media’s more alive and abuzz with Joseph Schooling winning the Olympic Gold in Roi 2016 than it is filled with Pokemo Go posts!

Even my ma’s all caught up in this Schooling fever that she asked me if I knew when Schooling’s gonna fly back. Yea, she’s actually toying with the idea of going to receive him at the airport. Guess there’ll be a bit of a hero’s welcome, hurhur.

Talking about our beloved Changi International Airport…


via Facebook / Changi Airport

via Facebook / Changi Airport

Looks like I ain’t the only one who heart this! Yea, Pat Law’s agency, GoodStuph, produced it for Changi Airport.


So, when is Schooling flying back to sunny Singapore?

The media has reported that Schooling’s taking a flight back from Brazil back to Singapore tomorrow. No flight details and timing yet.

Meanwhile, I decided to check out the official airline.


Here, SIA’s reply to one of the comments here.

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines


Is Singapore Airlines planning a surprise for Schooling?

I think so! Check out their replies to the comments!

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines


Mannnn, how exciting it will be if you happen to be on his same flight!! *silent screams!*

So, what about the rest of us who cannot fly to Rio and back just to be on the same flight as Schooling? Let’s hope SIA takes up this suggestion and stream his boarding or whatever it is that they may be planning on Facebook LIVE!

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines

via Facebook / Singapore Airlines


[textmarker color=”000000″]Updated @9:20PM[/textmarker] According to CNA, Schooling will be coming home via SQ67, arriving at Changi Airport T3 (Belt 42) at about 5:30AM, Monday morning.

[textmarker color=”000000″]Updated 14/8[/textmarker] Woohoo! SIA really did do something for our King of Butterfly! Other than upgrading Schooling’s and his mom’s seats for their flight back to Singapore, they also gifted him with his own Krisflyer Elite Gold card and a million Krisflyer miles!

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(Featured image via Reuters / TODAYonline)

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