5 x 5: Munich shooting, Erawan Shrine accident & more weekend headlines

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TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you at 5pm daily.

1. Another day, another shooting

via GettyImages/ Joerg Koch

[/media-credit] via GettyImages/ Joerg Koch

This time, in Munich, Germany. More here, or see the story in pictures.

2. Two Singaporeans injured in Erawan Shrine accident

More here.

3. This forum letter!

We cannot decide if this is more hilarious or ridiculous.


Everyone’s new coffee joint is…

via Todayonline

[/media-credit] via Todayonline

Coffee Break at Amoy Street! More here.

5. The 1MDB Scandal

So the United States is seeking to recover over $1 Billion clamined to have been obtained from corruption involving Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund, IMDB. More here.

You can also check out Najib’s latest response here.

But meanwhile, while Najib’s trying hard to play the ‘It wasn’t me’, WSJ Asia Economics Editor Tom Wright hasthis to say,

via Twitter/Tom Wright

via Twitter/Tom Wright

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