This woman lost her priceless, one-of-a-kind engagement ring in her super spacious Business Class seat.

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TL;DR – Please help her find her ring.

According to Facebook user Ai Wei Lua, she had lost her “priceless, one-of-a-kind engagement ring” onboard her SQ15 trip bound for Singapore “on a super spacious Business Class seat” after her “perfectly unforgettable trip” in Seoul and hopes for the Internet to find her ring for her.

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The full post is rather lengthy so we thought we will summarise it for you:

1) She had removed her engagement and wedding rings as she wanted to apply facial essence on her parched face.

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“I’d wanted to apply some facial essence on my parched face, and didn’t want the rings to be soaked in the fluid.”

2) After all, she was on a “super spacious Business Class seat” – what could go wrong?

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“I mean, it was only going to be a few minutes and I was on a plane heading back to Singapore on a super spacious Business Class seat. What could go wrong?”

3) Because she had “laid the seat flat as a bed”, gravity caused her rings to fall out.

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“I’d laid the seat flat as a bed and stupidly propped up my knees, allowing gravity to draw the objects out. I found my wedding band and earrings on the bed, but there was no sign of my precious engagement ring.”

4) Kind flight steward Nicholas tried to help her to find her ring.

Not the first time in recent weeks that proves again that Singapore Airlines is indeed a great way to fly.

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But not too great, because he didn’t manage to find the rings 🙁

5) She ended up punishing herself with her thoughts.

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“I kept playing back the sequence of events in my head, thinking this couldn’t really be happening. Not when I’d just had the most perfect holiday and was about to embark on an exciting new chapter in life. This was what you read on Facebook that happens to other people. Not me. Am I being punished for having too good a time? For shopping too much? For trying to cap the trip on a high by upgrading my return flight to Business Class using miles? If I’d stayed in Economy which didn’t offer as much room, maybe I wouldn’t have had the luxury to do what I did which is now costing me even more?”

6) But the ring was nowhere to be found.

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“He told me later how exacting he had been in his specifications: how he wanted the diamond to be taller than wide so it would let in more light; how the white gold band should be anodised matt black on the surface to contrast against the whiteness of the diamond, but shiny black on the side so it looked more polished; how the four tiny claws holding the grade D, VS1 diamond should look minimal and anodised matt black to further enhance its clarity; and finally, how the band would have two grooves to lock it together with my wedding band.”

7) There is, however, always a silver lining.

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“I’ve chosen to look past my loss and celebrate what I’ve found – that the SQ flight and ground crew are great (I’m proud of you Singapore Airlines!), that my marriage is stronger than ever (love you too much baby), and that my life is truly quite fabulous (thank you Missy Wonton for the reminder). In light of the many tragic, cruel and bizarre events around us, my loss is insignificant. I have the great fortune of being healthy, loved and able to do what I love for a living. Yes I’ve lost something infinitely special and irreplaceable – but not what it stands for.”

8) Please help her to find her ring.

If you ever come across a 1.02 ct square cut diamond solitaire mounted on a black ring, specifically with the GIA serial number D/VS1/14923553 inscribed inside the rock, please contact her so she can arrange to have it returned.

We wish you luck and to have faith in the power of the Internet!

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Here is the actual post in full:



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