7 reasons why you should date a guy who codes

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TL;DR – Geek is in.

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There’s this stereotype going around that paints computer programmers as geeks and nerds who hide behind enormous glasses, and shy away from outdoor activities because their social skills are in dire need of some polishing. Yes, it’s that painfully awkward image of those who make a living writing code – people who you’d be surprised to find in a gym or a cocktail party.

We’re here to tell you that this isn’t what real life looks like. Being a computer programmer doesn’t automatically make someone socially inept or physically fragile. Here are seven other reasons why guys who code make for great lovers.

1. He stimulates you intellectually

via blog.camille.ph

via blog.camille.ph

Building computer software is a highly complex endeavour, which requires the ability to dissect and figure out abstract ideas. His profession will challenge his mind, and in turn, he will challenge yours. Not to mention, conversation with him will be so much more thought-provoking, and there won’t be any shortage of witty remarks either.

2. He’s a problem solver

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

Problem solving isn’t just a skill, but a mind-set. It seeks not to remain in the status quo, but to improve and enhance life. Chances are, most coders thrive in their vocation simply because of their nature as passionate problem solvers. Facing relationship issues? He’ll be the first to offer a solution. And that goes for any obstacle or conflict he sees in the world around him.

3. He thinks rationally

via imgur.com

via imgur.com

Naturally, as a problem solver, he would be a pretty logical person. Imagine not having to deal with jealousy of the ludicrous sort, or constantly reassure your partner that “he’s just a friend” or “he’s married/attached”. And when it comes to arguments, he’ll analyse and break the problem down in a civil manner – no drama, whatsoever!

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4. He has a lot of patience

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

Any guy who has the willpower to figure out coding issues without giving up midway is a man of supreme patience. It’s a rare quality for anyone to possess, but it sure is one of great value. For instance, he’ll take the time to win you over; he’ll wait an extra hour for you to get ready; he’ll stay by your side, as long as you need, to comfort you during times of affliction.

5. He’ll be committed to you

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

With patience comes commitment. No guy would choose to take on a tough project they’re not passionate about, and thus wouldn’t be willing to commit to or be patient with. Likewise, if he chose to be with you, it’s because he’s passionate about you. Trust the guy to be a good, loyal lover who’s always looking forward to a future with you.

6. He makes the best presents

via blogspot.com

via blogspot.com

On anniversaries or birthdays, you’d normally get a bouquet of flowers, some sweet treats, a gigantic teddy bear, or some material merchandise you’ve been wanting. But what about getting your very own computer or mobile app? He could even code you a little website that for sure beats getting a card.

7. You’ll have your own IT guy

via practicaldatamanagement.wp.com

via practicaldatamanagement.wp.com

And of course, you no longer have to lug your laptop all the way to the computer help desk, or worry about your phone bill skyrocketing through the roof after all those calls to troubleshoot your MacBook, if you’ve got a personal IT guy at home. Just think about all the time and money you’ll save!

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Are you convinced yet? The next time you meet a programmer, don’t brush them off. Give them a chance, and they’ll show you just how charming they can be.

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