Chee Soon Juan, Murali Pillai, or Shirwin Eu?

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TL;DR – Will Shirwin Eu be #SureWinYou the second time around?

The wait is over. Since the David Ong saga, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) had declared their interest to field Dr Chee Soon Juan (53) in the Bukit Batok by-election, up against the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s Murali Pillai (48). Both men had been seen in the ward getting the residents warmed up to them.

The writ for the Bukit Batok by-election has been issued on Thursday. Nomination Day will be on 27th April (Wed) and the Bukit Batok residents are heading for the polling station on 7 May (Sat).


Here, the details of what happens when, courtesy of ChannelNewsAsia.

Image source: CNA

Image source: CNA

Since the writ was issued, only one individual had turned up to collect the nomination forms at the Singapore Elections Department (ELD). However, soft copies of the nomination forms can also be downloaded online.

What had previously looked to be a straight fight between the incumbent party’s Murali Pillai and the SDP’s Chee Soon Juan might now be ‘upset‘ if the individual who had picked up the forms successfully submitted his nomination forms come Wednesday.

According to media reports, the individual was private taxi driver Shirwin Eu.


So, just who is Shirwin Eu?

If he sounds familiar, it’s because he was quite ‘outstanding‘ during GE2015. Back then, the Uber driver was actually the first to collect a nomination form. When he first spoke with the media at ELD last year, he had said he hoped to talk about transport issues in Parliament due to his work experience.

Image source: Facebook

Image source: Facebook

He had tried to contest in Bukit Panjang SMC during GE2015 as he lives near the ward. I said ‘tried‘ as he was eventually disqualified after he failed to garner the required 10 signatures to support his candidacy in GE2015. (You really gotta read this funny piece about how he had failed in his GE2015 attempt!)

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If you still cannot recall who Shirwin Eu is, this video might help. You can consider this to be his ‘debut‘ video as this interview was done right after he collected the nomination forms for GE2015 last year.


Reporter: What issues will you be, er, you know, fighting for?

Uber driver: Er, most likely transportation.

Reporter: Is this the first time that you are nominating yourself or have you been in other elections?

Uber driver: Erm no.

Reporter: And why do you actually want to join in this elections this time?

Uber driver: Because I hope to be elected.

Reporter: What do you think you can offer the people, the residents… the Singaporeans?

Uber driver: Erm, policies. That’s my strength I believe.


Here’s another clip of him being interviewed by the media during the GE2015 nomination day.


SGag also published a couple of posts about Shirwin Eu during GE2015. In fact, they even gave him the fantastic name of #SureWinYou

Image source: Sgag

Image source: Sgag

What’s even more miraculous is that SGag took an Uber ride some seven months ago, and the driver was none other than #SureWinYou!

One other tidbit about Shirwin Eu is that he’s either a friend or supporter of Amos Yee.


Image source: Hardwarezone

Image source: Hardwarezone

Follow Sherwin Eu on Facebook here.

Image source: Facebook

Image source: Facebook

Meanwhile, let’s hope he gets better with experience and files his nomination papers successfully this time around! Good luck, #SureWinYou!


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