Budget 2016: What politicians should say vs what they really said

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TL;DR – Life is interesting when politicians throw you a curve ball and don’t say what you expect them to.

Before Parliament started we predicted what each Member of Parliament would say, either during their budget debate or committee of supply speech. It’s a good thing we’re not bookies because we were so, so wrong and would have lost so, so much money.

Here’s what we predicted vis-a-vis what was actually said.

Pritam Singh (WP MP, Aljunied)

What he should have said What he actually said
Ministerial salaries are too damn high!

Also, any Aljunied residents here besides Sam Tan? If there are none, then I can’t respond to anyone.



Withdrawal of 2G services will affect 250,000 individuals, particularly the elderly

Defence white paper for more transparency

Improve the NS training system and SAF training safety


The MP who only answer residents’ questions… ermmm…


Chen Show Mao (WP MP, Aljunied)

What he should have said What he actually said
 *Crickets chirping*

(Chen is a man of very few words in Parliament)

Silver Support payments to be made monthly, adjust the amounts for inflation

Kids are taking too much sugar


Contrary to popular belief, this guy CAN talk!


Josephine Teo (PAP MP, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC)

What she should have said What she actually said
Make babies! Build a family! How I met your Father!


Singapore should continue to nurture the unique combination of relationships among people,

strengthen links within our own local communities,

and also deepen engagement with China.

Budget 2016 jo teo

Image: Josephine Teo’s FB


Ang Hin Kee (PAP MP, Ang Mo Kio GRC)

What he should have said What he actually said
Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Grab Uber




Help SMEs adapt and be ready for the future:

  1. Help SMEs automate to become more productive
  2. Help their workers adapt to automation
  3. Teach them how to tap on SkillsFuture Earn and Learn programmes for manpower
Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi  Freelancers Contract Workers Include life coaching under SkillsFuture Credit
Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Grab Uber Freelancers Contract Workers Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Professionalising Service Delivery in the Public Service sector
Budget 2016 AHK

Labour MP Ang Hin Kee, advisor to the National Taxi Association (NTA) has been championing for taxi drivers. Lately, he has also been advocating to protect the interests of the growing pool of freelancers. (Image: Straits Times)


Chan Chun Sing (PAP MP, Tanjong Pagar GRC)

What he should have said What he actually said
Singapore, or Singaporean Core? That is the question.

Also, check out my Casio watch.




To avoid this structural unemployment, Singaporeans have to upgrade themselves.

NTUC will work with education institutes to stretch the SkillsFuture Credit

Help sectors that are weak in productivity

NTUC will work with MOM and MTI to strengthen the Singaporean core



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