The Bukit Batok Town Council Transition Team

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TL;DR –  SDP shows off the four-men team who will counsel the (town) council.

So, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) called for a press conference on 10th April 2016 (Sunday) to announce the Bukit Batok Town Council Transition Team.

Here, a photo of the the team from Sunday (Lawyer Peter Low could not make it to the press conference.)

sdp 3

(L-R) Dr Chee Soon Juan, K. Siva Sankaran, Wong Hong Koon, and Yeo Yeu Yong, with SDP’s Vice Chair, John Tan.

According to the SDP, they are all “senior professionals at the top of their fields who will help to oversee the takeover process and ensure a smooth handover of the Town Council should the SDP win the by-election.”

sdp 2


Bukit Batok Town Council Transition Team

The team of four were organised to be the resource panel for the first 100 days should the SDP’s Chee win the by-election at Bukit Batok. The actual day-to-day operations of town council issues are expected to be carried out by full-time staff.

Since the four men come armed with various expertise, they will contribute in different areas:

No. Member Area of Responsibility
1 Accountant Wong Hong Koon To oversee financial issues
2 Entrepreneur Yeo Yeu Yong To be in charge of estate management
3 Businessman K. Siva Sankaran To help with the handover of projects
4 Lawyer Peter Low To provide legal advice


1. Mr Wong Hong Koon (75)

sdp wong hong koon

SDP: Wong is a highly qualified and experienced Chartered Accountant in private practice.

Wong has held several positions and has worked as a financial analyst and accountant with Qantas Airways’ Head Office in Sydney, Australia. He has worked with Dr Tan Cheng Bock at the Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) at Ayer Rajah and Mr Goh Chok Tong at the CCC and Residents’ Committee (RC) at Marine Parade.

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We ran a quick check online and found very little online literature of this man, except that he runs his own (presumably) accountancy firm, Wong Hong Koon & Co, at The Plaza at Beach Road.

2. Mr Yeo Yeu Yong (67)

sdp yeo yeu yong

SDP: Yeo is the CEO and Chairman of Primech Services Int’l Ltd, into facilities management, property development and construction.

Yeo is also the Chairman of Advance Environmental Services and Engineering Pte Ltd and AESE Real Estate Pte Ltd. Mr Yeo’s career started as a maintenance supervisor with Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) in the 70s.

His experience included the managing of a Building Construction Authority registered company that provided estate management services to Town Councils such as Redhill (now Tanjong Pagar), Sembawang, Bishan-Toa Payoh, Marine Parade, Tampines, East Coast, Jalan Besar, Pasir Ris-Punggol, Aljunied, Ang Mo Kio, Brickworks and Clementi-West Coast.

Yeo’s profile on his company website shared one of his philosophies in life,

“Money is important consideration for survival whether you are an employee or employer. But to do well in business, one must always remember business is a kind of community service.”

3. K. Siva Sankaran (60)

sdp k siva sankaran

SDP: Sankaran is the Owner and Director of East West Supplies Pte Ltd.

Sankaran’s experience included internal auditing at PSA, accounting and later as the General Manager of a large international trading firm for 17 years prior to starting his own business, East West Supplies Pte Ltd. For 20 years, the company traded in building materials, metals and textiles.

As with Wong above, not much information can be found online about Sankaran.

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4. Peter Cuthbert Low (65)

sdp peter cuthbert low

SDP: Low is the founder and Managing Director of Peter Low LLC.

Low has 37 years of experience in civil, criminal and family litigation, and is the founder of Peter Low LLC. Low was also the President of the Law Society of Singapore in 1991.

Apart from his legal practice, Low reportedly takes a keen interest in human rights advocacy and is one of the founding members of human rights NGO, MARUAH.

Like we did with the rest, we ran an online check on Low and unearthed some interesting tidbits. Like how Low has three daughters. The eldest is a teacher and the two are practising lawyers in Low’s own law firm. Like how Workers’ Party Sylvia Lim is an associate in Low’s law firm.


(Image: Peter Low LLC)

The Perplexing Case of AHPETC

Peter Low is also known as Workers’ Party (WP) go-to lawyer. He was WP’s lawyer for the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol-East Town Council (AHPETC) saga.

One of the most memorable moments was when Low made a startling point when defending WP in court. He had said that no one, including any ministry or government agency, can bring legal proceedings against AHPETC even if there are wrongdoings. He had argued that only a resident or the Housing Development Board (HDB) can do so.

When asked in court if residents would just have to wait till the next election if lifts broke down or funds were mismanaged, Low said yes. 

ahpetc 2015..05.04

(Extract of CNA article, 4th May 2015)

During AHPETC’s appeal hearing in November last year, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon wrote that Low’s contention “reduced the court to an irrelevant and ultimately toothless observer”.


(Extract of ST article, 28th Nov 2015.)

There you have it, the four men in SDP’s Bukit Batok Town Council Transition Team.

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The by-election date has not been announced, but both candidates of the incumbent party and the SDP have been walking the ground. May the best man for Bukit Batok residents win.

(All photos via SDP’s Facebook)


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