As the David Ong story unfolds, who said what?

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TL;DR – We bring you the near-immediate reactions and responses as the David Ong story unfolds…

David Ong,

I feel that it’s the right thing to do to step down for the best interests of the party, my constituents and family. There is personal indiscretion on my part which I deeply regret. I would appreciate if you can give me and my family the privacy to heal and rebuild.

DPM Tharman says sorry.

David Ong has apologised, but I want to say to Bukit Batok residents, on behalf of the party, that we are deeply sorry this is happening. It is totally unexpected but it has happened, and we must now rebuild. And we will.

Desmond Lee, Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development and MP for Jurong GRC, who has been tasked to take care of the Bukit Batok residents,

My immediate priority is to ensure residents of Bukit Batok will be well taken care of.

Singapore Democratic Parrty (SDP) Chee Soon Juan,

Following the announcement of the resignation of David Ong from his post as MP for Bukit Batok and from the PAP today, the SDP looks forward to contesting the by-election that will be called in the constituency.

Netizens, ohhhh netizens…

We all come in so many shapes and sizes and camps. We have the ‘Let’s do a group hug and heal’ camp, the ‘We Deserve and Demand the Truth!’ camp and the list goes on.





















If you need more background info,

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