Is this BigBang G-Dragon’s home?!

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(TL;DR) A peek into GD’s HOME. Yup, that’s right. His House.

Hands up, those of you who have heard of Korean hip-hop boy group, BigBang! I’d imagine even if you’re not into Kpop, you would have heard of, or at least come across their news.

Because these boys are huge EVERYWHERE. Not just in Asia, but also in the Australia, the U.S. Europe and even South American. I know right?! Utterly unbelievable but hey, it’s true.

BigBang is some kind of big deal here in Singapore too. Other than having been here for sold-out concerts, they had also been invited to perform at F1 concerts (not once, but twice!), and also for the SG50 Countdown Party.

And, the leader of the pack is this talented and androgyous-looking slip of a boy called Kwon Jiyong, or more commonly known as G-Dragon or even GD.


He’s been turning heads even in the international fashion circuit too! You can check out some of the international write-up on him when he attended the Chanel fashion show in Paris back in January here and here.

G-Dragon lives with his parents and older sister in Seoul. The media had reported that his sister, Kwon Dami, had posted photos of what seems to be their home on social media. However, a check on her Instagram account yielded nothing. There was no mention of which social media platform the media had found the photos on.

The fan circuit are obviously fast-fingered and the photos have also been shared all over. Even the Taiwanese media has reported it and shared the photos.

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Anyway here we go with the photos of what is suspected to be G-Dragon’s home in Seoul!








Haha, there’s even a little Chanel corner?!


Here’s another photo of G-Dragon, possibly at work.


Shall leave you with a video of G-Dragon performing The Leaders with CL at his solo concert. CL is the leader of Korean girl group 2NE1. Both BigBang and 2NE1 are signed with the same agency, YG.


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