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FAQs about the Internal Security Act (ISA)

TL;DR – Boys and girls, let’s learn about preventive detention, RO and SO. Ever so often, supporters to repeal the act will question the fairness and relevance of the Internal Security Act (ISA). Each time, the Singapore Government will reaffirm that relevance and importance of the act. In fact, the G has defended its stance

Bet you never knew these about ISA-detainee Zulfikar Shariff

TL;DR – Somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad.  News broke (CNA, ST) that a Singaporean, Zulfikar Shariff has been detained under the Internal Security Act for actively promoting radical ideology and ISIS-related propaganda. A quick Google search showed that ISA-detainee has been a trouble maker for many years, trying to stir up negative sentiments and radicalise others. The

Benjamin Lim and the Dangers of Speculation

(Tl;dr) There’re baddies and liars online too, so don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Today, Minister Shanmugam addressed the case of a 14-year-old boy, Benjamin Lim, who had jumped to his death a month ago. In his address to the parliament, he tackled the details of Lim’s interactions with the police during the


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