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What’s that Bill of Administration of Justice Lee Wei Ling was Talking about (Updated)

TL-DR -The people who are the loudest on these issues are usually the people who can take care of themselves. OK, so you’ve read all over social media about the Government’s proposal to legislate an Administration of Justice Bill and the hullabaloo between Dr Lee Wei Ling and well, whomever was even involved. The Bill was read

Someone asked about by-election because of Minister Heng’s stroke – What a stupid question!

TL;DR – Don’t be stupid. There won’t be. One of the biggest news in Singapore the last week was about Minister Heng’s stroke. Immediately after news of his stroke broke, many cabinet ministers took to Facebook to urge people to pray for Minister Heng’s recovery. Not surprisingly, there were some trolls who posted insensitive comments

Benjamin Lim and the Dangers of Speculation

(Tl;dr) There’re baddies and liars online too, so don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Today, Minister Shanmugam addressed the case of a 14-year-old boy, Benjamin Lim, who had jumped to his death a month ago. In his address to the parliament, he tackled the details of Lim’s interactions with the police during the


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