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5 x 5: The G says building a bin centre’s more complicated than you think & other news

TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm. 1. The G explains why NAC needs a centralised bin centre They say it’s more complicated than you think, more here. 2. MOE responds to AGO’s audit on study loans Good to hear that MOE has heart. 3. What’s on the menu

5 x 5 : Edison Chen declares war with Chi-ling Lin and NEL breaks down… again

TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm.   1)Edison Chen declares war with Chi-ling Lin, insults her on Weibo Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen went on a rampage, posting multiple times on his social media feeds insulting Taiwanese model Chi-ling Lin. More of the celebrity drama here 2) Train fault on

FAQs about the Internal Security Act (ISA)

TL;DR – Boys and girls, let’s learn about preventive detention, RO and SO. Ever so often, supporters to repeal the act will question the fairness and relevance of the Internal Security Act (ISA). Each time, the Singapore Government will reaffirm that relevance and importance of the act. In fact, the G has defended its stance

Bet you never knew these about ISA-detainee Zulfikar Shariff

TL;DR – Somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad.  News broke (CNA, ST) that a Singaporean, Zulfikar Shariff has been detained under the Internal Security Act for actively promoting radical ideology and ISIS-related propaganda. A quick Google search showed that ISA-detainee has been a trouble maker for many years, trying to stir up negative sentiments and radicalise others. The

Hit with a hammer? Scalded with boiling water? 5 of the worst foreign domestic worker abuse cases in Singapore

TL;DR – Oh no, another one? We read with much sadness the latest news about the demise of a Myanmar foreign domestic worker from suspected abuse. She was all of 24 years old. The Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, chairman of the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) released a statement on the CDE Facebook Page,   With

5 x 5: That KL shooting and AirAsia scam

TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm. 1) That KL shooting A 43-year-old moneylender and father of three was shot 16 times which led to his death near Setapak Central in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday afternoon (July 27). More about this gruesome incident here. 2) Another day, another scam [media-credit

Are local PMEs better or worse off after MOM’s latest tightening of EPs?

TL;DR – So MOM is like walking a tight-rope. I have a friend who’s a very successful businessman. I met up with him yesterday and we talked about how he became successful as a businessman. One thing that I realised was that he was very focussed. On what? On making money. He has his own philosophy

5 x 5: PM Lee’s social media contest and NUS crackdown after TNP exposé

TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm. 1) Win an invite to the National Day Rally   We have pretty much the coolest PM in the world. Who else runs social media contests to give out invites. Contest deets here – thank us later! 😉 2) Aussie bloke won

If Hollywood Movies were Made in Singapore

TL;DR – So good but so bad but so good! We love our Hollywood blockbusters but you know, sometimes some things could get just a little better if they’re Made in Singapore. Here’s what we think would happen if Jack Neo produced these movies: 1) Pretty Woman [media-credit name=”The Internet” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″][/media-credit] When Made in Singapore, [media-credit

5 x 5: Largest ever indoor fireworks display and worms found in Filet-O-Fish

TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm. 1) Worms in your Filet-O-Fish McDonald’s Singapore replied to a complaint about worms in a customers’ Filet-O-Fish sandwhich. Read all about it here 2) Knife attack in Japan sees 19 casalties A knife-wielding man broke into a facility near Tokyo meant for


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