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9 things I noticed about the very average Batman v Superman movie

TL;DR – Warning: Movie Spoilers ahead! Despite reading many, many critical reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Batman fan in me couldn’t resist catching the film at the movies. While I don’t care much for Ben Affleck’s Batman (Remember that time he was Daredevil? Yea neither do I), Henry Cavill is THE

This is how you make use of Whatsapp’s new Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough features

TL;DR – Here’s how you can make use of Whatsapp’s latest updates. Whatsapp’s finally letting us express ourselves through the power of formatted text. Your emphasis can now be made more concisely by adding symbols on the side of your words. Get ahead of the game, and show your friends how it’s done. BOLD Add

21 words so beautiful they will make you want to curl up and cry

TL;DR – For all those lonely feels. Not intending to sound all deep and philosophical, but language can be quite a beautiful thing indeed. Here are some words so beautiful you can just cry now. (Some of these words exist only in  The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows but seriously, they should just make it into

Calm down, your Instagram feed will not be changing today

TL;DR – There is no need to turn on post notifications for everyone just yet. If you woke up to EVERYONE on your Instagram feed telling you to turn on post notifications so you don’t miss every single one of their exciting posts – supposedly because of Instagram’s new algorithm –  calm down, guys. Yes,

10 life lessons for the twenty-somethings out there

(TL;DR – Stay humble, focused, and carefree.) I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m totally loving it. It’s the time of opportunity and change, and I’m more than aware of how fleeting this window is before other responsibilities come in, like marriage, housing, and children! Flora’s done an insightful list of advice for thirty-somethings, and I thought

These 14 pictures perfectly sum up what travelling today is REALLY like…

TL;DR – Go on a holiday, they say. It’s very fun, they say. Oh, how easy it is to go anywhere and everywhere these days. But with travelling becoming so accessible for everyone, here are 14 classic examples of expectations vs. reality when it comes to your Nat Geo travel moments. 1) Enjoying the beaches

SG Budget 2016 broken down to what matters to you

SG Budget is a great snapshot into the initiatives that the government means to take this year. However, it is a lot of information to take in, and aside from the broad strokes (like that massive thing being built in Jurong), you might not know much. Here’s the SG Budget 2016 broken down to what

The best Singaporean breakfasts (and where to get them!)

TL;DR – Nothing like chye tao kueh, prata and chwee kueh washed down with a good cup of teh tarik. As much as I enjoy my Eggs Benedict and artisan coffee, sometimes the best breakfasts are our local Singaporean ones… and they only cost a fraction of ’em fancy brunches! Here’s our go-to list: 1.


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