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Did PAP’s Murali just threaten Bukit Batok residents?

TL;DR – Don’t treat voters like donkeys… stop using “carrots” and “sticks, can? SDP announced the social programs for Bukit Batok should Dr Chee get elected. In response, PAP’s Murali announced some of the things that PAP would do if he get elected. Amongst the plans highlighted by Mr Murali are a multi-generational park and

Netizens are angry about Wisma Atria’s toilet discrimination, and it’s awesome!

TL;DR – Would you clap for the mall that goes all out to keep the toilets exclusive for you, or would you boycott a mall whose action seems to discriminate against migrant workers? Management at Wisma Atria has put up signs in the mall’s toilets disallowing the contractors, presumably mostly foreign workers, working on the

SDP’s social programmes – an inspiring rally call

TL;DR – Do you think SDP can execute social programmes better than PAP? SDP held a press conference yesterday (22 April) to announce range of four social programmes they would run in Bukit Batok if Dr Chee Soon Juan is elected in the upcoming by-elections. We were there to have a listen, and here we are, unscrambling the

This video is going to make you completely rethink about YOUR life

TL;DR – Everybody dies, but not everybody LIVES. This video by Prince Ea started making its round on Facebook and has since garnered over 300,000 shares in a span of 8 hours. In this thought-provoking video titled EVERYBODY DIES, BUT NOT EVERYBODY LIVES, Prince, a futurologist, truly questions what are we living for: Here are some epic quotes

Chee Soon Juan, Murali Pillai, or Shirwin Eu?

TL;DR – Will Shirwin Eu be #SureWinYou the second time around? The wait is over. Since the David Ong saga, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) had declared their interest to field Dr Chee Soon Juan (53) in the Bukit Batok by-election, up against the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s Murali Pillai (48). Both men had been

Bangkok’s blooming sakura right now at Chatuchak!

TL;DR – Another reason to head to the land of smiles. As if we needed another reason to head to Singaporeans’ favourite holiday destination, we now find out there’s sakura blossoming right now in Bangkok! While they bear an uncanny resemblance to Japan’s cherry blossoms, these are actually Tabebuia trees in full bloom. These gorgeous blooms are best viewed

SCDF fights Jurong Island fire, posts about it on Facebook

TL;DR – A nation of lifesavers or a nation of self-praisers? Around late afternoon in Singapore, people on Facebook began posting pictures of a large fire at Jurong Island. Presumably from a oil refinery, the fire came up in a large column and was visible from a distance. At 6.40pm, the SCDF posted a very

10 rules of the working world you should know by now

TL;DR – Follow these rules in the office no matter what. No matter which industry you work in, there are a few rules that you should know by now. Professionalism comes in all shapes and sizes, and based on the environment you work in, the expectations could change. The basic rules of the trade, however,


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