Why Train To Busan didn’t quite cut it for me

TL;DR – I feel so heartless that I didn’t shed a tear. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have seen the glowing reviews about Korean box office hit, Train to Busan. Coming in tops at the local box office and also the highest-grossing Korean movie in Singapore to date, there might even be a sequel to

Employment disputes? The new Employment Claims Tribunals’ got your back!

TL;DR – The new kid on the block for employment disputes is gonna kick ass! While the rest of Singapore continue to lap up more Joseph Schooling news – “ooooh, he has a new tattoo” and “oh, it’s on his biceps!” to “wah his girlfriend so chio and smart” and “wait a minute… then why

Singapore’s bilingual policy, mistake or not?

TL;DR – Well-played MOE, well-played. This topic Is Singapore’s bilingual policy a mistake? was discussed on question-and-answer website Quora and Adrianna Tan, Founder & CEO of & shared this pretty thought-provoking reply: It helps our workforce: I couldn’t agree more with using English as a primary language over our other option, which is Malay; it has

You really shouldn’t be playing these songs at your wedding

TL;DR – Not all songs are created equal. I attended a wedding recently when the couple chose Bruno Mars’s Marry You as their march-in song – now, I love Bruno and I love my friends but their choice of song was seriously questionable to me. Not because it’s already quite outdated (hello, it was released in 2010!)


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