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Interesting Staycation Places To Change Up Your Long Weekend Game

TL;DR – Singapore’s favourite public holiday activity, sorted. Long weekend is coming, and with long weekends come Singaporeans’ age-old obsession — staycations. Somewhere between going on vacation and just lazing around, staycations are everything we love in sleeping in a hotel bed and swimming in a hotel pool. But if you’re up for your tenth

What keeps Chan Chun Sing up at night?

At a recent SGFuture townhall event that the Unscrambled team attended, someone in the audience asked Chan Chun Sing: “What keeps you awake at night?”, to which the father of three cleverly answered: “Many things keep me up at night, including my young baby!” Jokes aside, the question is a pertinent one. His worries, as

6 Singapore Character Cafes to enjoy and look forward to!

TL;DR – We don’t just want food, we want food with our favourite characters on them. What’s better than your favourite characters in merchandise form? Your favourite characters in food form, of course! The Character Cafe wave is crashing over Singapore, with many exciting character cafes coming, and others happily thriving on our sunny island.

7 Good Deeds To Warm Your Hearts This Humpday

TL;DR – We ARE pretty good people after all! If anyone tells you that Singaporeans are cynical, callous, and unfriendly, then instead of slapping them, tell them nicely that is not the case. Aside from a few exceptions (cough Jover Chew cough), Singaporeans can be kind and sweet and rise to the occasion. Don’t believe me? Here

15 Activities for your girls’ outings from Pretty Cool to Girly AF

TL;DR – Because afternoon tea is so yesterday. Any girl would understand the importance of that close group of girlfriends or that one close girlfriend, and when you meet up, you know all hell will break loose. But aside from having the usual brunch/dinner/afternoon teas, you all deserve a new way to unwind, relax, and

Netizens are angry about Wisma Atria’s toilet discrimination, and it’s awesome!

TL;DR – Would you clap for the mall that goes all out to keep the toilets exclusive for you, or would you boycott a mall whose action seems to discriminate against migrant workers? Management at Wisma Atria has put up signs in the mall’s toilets disallowing the contractors, presumably mostly foreign workers, working on the

SCDF fights Jurong Island fire, posts about it on Facebook

TL;DR – A nation of lifesavers or a nation of self-praisers? Around late afternoon in Singapore, people on Facebook began posting pictures of a large fire at Jurong Island. Presumably from a oil refinery, the fire came up in a large column and was visible from a distance. At 6.40pm, the SCDF posted a very

10 rules of the working world you should know by now

TL;DR – Follow these rules in the office no matter what. No matter which industry you work in, there are a few rules that you should know by now. Professionalism comes in all shapes and sizes, and based on the environment you work in, the expectations could change. The basic rules of the trade, however,

Rui En’s Accident, and what it reveals about Singaporeans

TL;DR – So are you Team Rui En or Not? Since Rui En was reported to have totalled a motorbike with her BMW, and to have reeked of alcohol, everyone’s been either team Rui En or team Rui-En-is-a-drunk-a**hole. On top of an interview with the poor owner of the motorbike, the president of Rui En’s

The Inspirational, the Relatable, the Quotable and the Cheem ones in Parliament

TL;DR – The Nominated MPs are bringing lotsa interesting flavours and fresh POVs to the usually strait-jacketed Parliament. Here are some gems. With 2016 Budget debate speeches and the Committee of Supply (COS) debate underway, the Singapore parliament took a turn of surprise. Instead of the usual Members of Parliament (MPs) or even the Non-Constituency Members


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