Oldest Prime Minister in the world Mahathir wears $$4 Bata sandals

TL;DR – The man needs no Gucci or Hermes.

It all started when someone uploaded this on her Instagram story, and another Malaysian netizen shared it on Facebook.

Tun M was spotting with these good old Bata sandals!

Did not take long for Bata Malaysia to pick this up and respond.

So, this is one heritage Bata design that’s been around for over 20 years!


And it didn’t escape the sharp-eyed netizens that the sandals looked different, so someone asked Bata about it.


Wanna make a guess how much these sandals cost?


Each pair is priced at RM11.99, which converts to about S$4.

Wonder if Bata Singapore stocks these sandals too.

Author: Maggie Wang

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