This is probably the world’s strangest painter

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TL;DR – He paints with his penis not pen. 

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I’m sure we have watched enough talent shows from around the world to say that we have probably seen it all. Sadly, I’m wrong. I stumbled upon a video recently featuring this man from Australia who draws using his penis. Yes, it’s not a typo.

According to Wikipedia, Tim Patch, commonly known by his professional stage name Pricasso, is an Australian artist who is known for using his penis, scrotum and buttocks to paint portraits, landscapes and female nudes.

He was born in United Kingdom but migrated to Australia in 1977. He is actually 68 years old this year but look at how fit he is.

For the curious minds,

  • He make his own water-based paints because normal paint contains lime which erodes his skin.
  • He covers his pen in vaseline in order to work for several hours without causing irritation to his skin.
  • Yes, he have had erections while on job especially when he made appearance at parties where women and alcohol are involved.
  • Patch states that he conceived of the idea of painting with his penis in 2005. Inspired after watching Puppetry of the Penis, he drew a smiley face in the back of a urinal with his penis and then decided to attempt it at home using paint.

If you are interested to catch him ‘live’ in action, you can check out his website and his event listings.

I guess we can say that he is literally from Down Under.

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