This hands-free texting umbrella is what we have been waiting for our whole lives

TL;DR – Rain rain go away.

You know how we can’t seem to stop using our phones – rain or shine. Except that when it’s raining, it can get quite inconvenient to text while holding an umbrella. Pressing the umbrella against your face with a twisted neck just doesn’t work.

Here’s introducing the Hands-Free Texting Umbrella from ShedRain.


This ultra sleek new hands-free umbrella comes in black, blue and red and is said to utilise a “simple, clever design” that slips over your hand and rests on your shoulder, so both hands are free to use your phone while staying dry.

It is described to have a TPR grip loop handle that won’t slip off your wrist, sturdy fiberglass ribs and a black electrostatic steel shaft.

We’re not quite sure about the US$25 (~S$33) price tag though.

Author: Flora Isabelle Lim

On a constant quest to be a really professional internet person.

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