These are the Most Instagrammed Cities – Wanna make a guess?

TL;DR – Did Singapore make the list?

The thing about Instagram is that it fuels wanderlust –  every #viewfromthetop, #fromwhereistand or #foodporn makes you want to book that next flight out almost immediately.

According to the popular social media platform, these are the most Instagrammed cities of 2017, how many have you been to?

10. Barcelona, Spain

9. Istanbul, Turkey

8. Jakarta, Indonesia

7. Saint Petersburg, Russia

6. Los Angeles, California

5. Paris, France

4. São Paulo, Brazil

3. London, UK

2. Moscow, Russia

1. New York, New York

Jakarta was the only Asian city to make the top 10 but if you ask me, Singapore would have made the list too if it just ain’t about numbers.  Just look at our city already!

Author: Smith Leong

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