NOC guy proposes to girlfriend on Instagram

TL;DR – Likes for Life?

via Instagram

You might have spotted this wedding proposal that happened on Instagram yesterday.

The caption pretty much explains everything,

Thank you guys for all your kind blessings! We are proud to announce that we’ve hit 4000 likes! He finally proposed! 5000 likes and I will say yes. Please like this photo. I really wanna marry him ❤️

If you take a closer look, the guy on his knee is actually actor Franster Wong aka Hokkien Guru from local YouTube channel, Night Owl Cinematics.

This proposal can be found on both Kelly’s as well as Franster’s accounts.

via Instagram


We are not sure if this is a publicity stunt or an #sponsored ad campaign given how things are on the Internet these days but we sincerely wish them good luck and all the best!

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