S’porean man creates his own presentation reply to “considerably famous” lady’s presentation slides to find a date

TL;DR – It’s a match?

Kelly Lim is a 26-year-old funeral undertaker who recently put up some presentation slides on Facebook to beat the competition on dating apps.

She says she’s the “real deal” who besides being “considerably famous” and her skills in jiu jitsu will help her keep up in bed.

Well, Kelly, it looks like you might now have a match.

Singaporean blogger, Goh Yong Wei, is now on a quest to get Kelly to notice him.

(Some of you might recognise him from his previous painfully hilarious heartbroken memes.)

Here’s what he has to say:

So Kelly, have you found your wei?

Author: Flora Isabelle Lim

On a constant quest to be a really professional internet person.

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