Did LTA just get itself in trouble again?

TL;DR – Jin bad sia.

An image has been circulating on WhatsApp as well as on several forums calling out yet another mistake by our dear Land Transport Authority.

Or is it?

If you take a look at your keyboard, the letter J is not exactly near the letter S, so can this be a case of typo or autocorrect?

The answer is no.

Jingapore is actually a series of art works, billboard advertisements, as well as exhibitions by local artist/photographer Jing Quek. Hence JINGapore, get it? It is actually quite a smart pun, isn’t it? A quick search on the Internet will show that photographer Jing Quek has been using this title as early as in 2011.

Here’s one of his promo video which was uploaded in 2011.

So, who is Jing Quek?

Jing Quek is a New York-trained photographer from leading advertising agency WEARESUPER. He specialises in creating people, lifestyle, conceptual and still life photographs.

So is this a genuine case of pointing out a mistake or has Singaporeans’ witch-hunting mentality just reached a new low?

Update as at 9 November,

The man himself explains it all.

Update as at 10 November,

LTA said it is in discussions with the artist, and the explanatory plaques that accompanied the murals have been temporarily removed. However, the art pieces continue to be displayed at the stations.


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