The 2018 Starbucks Moleskine planners are here!

TL;DR – Paper planners are not dead.

With our smartphones getting smarter, people are generally using less paper planners but that doesn’t means they’re over.

Starbucks has announced the launch of their 2018 Moleskine planners!

As compared to the previous 2017 edition, the 2018 Starbucks Moleskine planners come in designs that are way fancier.

More than just plain colours.

The planners are available from 18 September onwards (while stocks last) and customers can purchase the planner for $38.90 or at a discounted $28.90 when they reload or purchase any Starbucks Card with $30 credit at a store.

And if you are a hoarder like me or an avid Starbucks Card collector, you’ll be glad to know that every planner comes with a special edition 2018 Starbucks Card too!

I suppose this makes a rather good gift exchange item for Christmas as well! #forwardthinking

Author: Smith Leong

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