7 tips to make you a better smartphone photographer

TL;DR – The Instagram lyfe chose me. 

One of the most frequently-asked question about photography would be, “Does more expensive gears automatically mean better photographs?”

Well, does a more expensive frying pan give you better fried rice?

I believe it’s a combination of both skills and equipment. While expensive gear might give you an advantage in capturing good images, there are a lot of tips and tricks that can help one shoot better photos – even on your smartphone.

You might not believe your eyes but this was taken using an iPhone.


While I cannot promise that you will be able to take such photos after reading this article, here are a few tips that might that up your photo skills.

Then you might want to consider using one of these Aura digital photo frames instead of simply uploading them onto Instagram.

Final tip, just keep practising and you might just be the next big thing on Instagram!

Author: Smith Leong

I'm a self-made thousandaire with a thing for tatts and a loud mouth you probably don't care about. Also blogs at www.smithankyou.com

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