Go-Ahead Singapore Bus Driver took blogger and other passengers hostage

TL;DR – Unstable bus captain is unstable.

An article about a bus captain holding some passengers hostage has been circulating on the internet recently.


To cut the long story short,

  • Blogger Sarah Coldheart boarded a bus
  • Bus’s bell strangely went off by itself over and over again
  • Nobody appeared to be pressing it
  • Bus driver subsequently admitted that he was unstable because of the bell ringing
  • Bus driver refused to continue driving until someone owned up
  • Kind man from the bus talked to driver and managed to get him to release the “hostages”
  • Blogger wrote to Go-Ahead Singapore for answer and prevention of such incidents
  • Go-Ahead Singapore has yet to contact victim after 1 month
  • Blogger decided to write about it and also added that driver is a local senior Chinese man and warned netizens not to go all out xenophobic

While this seems to be a one-off case, the victim’s concern is pretty real. This could have escalated into something bigger if not for the kind man who managed to mediate the situation. Why is there still no response from the organisation? This should not be one of those situations where we sweep things under the carpet and pray no one questions further.

Go-Ahead Singapore, the ball is now in your court.

Author: Smith Leong

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