Presidential candidate Farid Khan finally has a Facebook page and his rating is already 4.7 stars in 3 days

TL;DR – It’s all about the numbers.

Presidential candidate and marine sector chairman Farid Khan Kaim Khan has finally decided to join Facebook with his page @FaridKhanSingapore.

Through the page, he shares about his vision for Singapore (probably when he gets elected as President),

And also personal insights to his life,

Such as the weddings he attend.

He even has a #faridkhansingapore hashtag!

Since the page’s inception three days ago, it has already achieved a 4.7 (out of 5) stars rating.

But amongst all the 5-star ratings, lies this particular one review:

We wonder what did Farid do (or didn’t do) to him?

Guess we can’t 100% trust Facebook ratings or just social media on the whole, can we?

Author: Smith Leong

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