GrabHitch driver rejects rider because the ride’s for her boyfriend instead

TL;DR – GrabHitch or Get Hitched?

Facebook user Stefanie Lim took it to the social media platform to share about her experience with a GrabHitch driver who turned her down when he realised that the ride she’d booked was for her boyfriend instead:

If you can’t see the screenshot of the conversation, it basically goes like this:

Driver: Pls confirm only 1 pax.

Stefanie: Yes. Thank you 🙂

Driver: I drive with the roof down okay?

(Editor’s note – Wah fancy car)

Stefanie: Sure. This was actually booked for my boyfriend. He doesn’t mind. Thank you.

Driver: But I mind how?

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of GrabHitch, like what the name suggests, it is a hitchhiking service by Grab.

According to Grab, it is “a social carpooling platform powered by everyday, non-commercial drivers giving you a lift along the way to cover petrol costs.”

This incident has since been shared over 790 times on Facebook with most taking Stefanie’s side,

Though they are some who think otherwise.

Your thoughts?

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