It’s a convention showdown this September!

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TL;DR – Comic, anime, manga or game fans – take note!

If you’re a comic, anime, manga or game fan, September may probably turn you in a sheer schizophrenic. This year, the Singapore Toy and Game Convention (SGTCC) and Charaexpo 2017 will both be happening in September, and not only that, but on the same weekend!

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It’s a veritable East versus West showdown come 9-10 September as SGTCC by ReedPop Exhibitions which has mainly centred itself around Western pop culture icons such as Marvel and DC artists, toys and displays goes head to head with Charaexpo which has a more Japanese influence due to its organizer, Bushiroad.

This year, SGTCC has taken a more complex approach to covering more to cater to the demanding tastes of Singaporeans and those around the region. Not only does it have a decent list of western pop culture icons such as Frank Cho and Arthur Adams showing up for signings and chat panels, it’s also added a gaming section known as GGXP and Akiba Zone, an area special designated for Japanese culture fans, showcasing guest cosplayers as well as Japanese singers and DJs.

Charaexpo hasn’t shirked from the competition of course, with its own bevy of voice performers from Bushiroad’s Trading Card Game animations coming down to perform and entertain attendees. The list of guest cosplayers attending Charaexpo currently also outshines SGTCC’s offering, so you might be torn on which event to attend if you’re interested in catching some of the best cosplayers from the region. Also look forward to catching Evolve Fight Team’s Angela Lee, the youngest female to win a MMA world title who’s the official image ambassador for Bushiroad’s newest card game Dragonborne.

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Now of course apart from the event and appearances at both events (although I’m sure there are still some unannounced surprises from SGTCC) the main factor that might influence most people may be the ticket pricing.

SGTCC has three different ticket prices this year. $85 for VIP entry, $30 ($28 online) for an all-access 2 day ticket and $15 ($13 online) for the GGXP & Akiba Zone ONLY ticket. Yes that means that it’ll cost up to $30 for two days if you want to get into and see all that SGTCC is offering. Charaexpo on the other hand is only $12 ($6 per day early bird price) for two days of entertainment.

Of course at the end, both events are different and you’ll might definitely be torn between which to attend. My advice would be since the two locations aren’t too far apart, with SGTCC held at Marina Bay Sands and Charaexpo held at Suntec that you can probably spend time at both!


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