We flew to KL for the AIRASIA SANTAN FOOD FESTIVAL 2017 and here’s what happened…

TL;DR – Food glorious food.

Two weeks back, I embarked on a two-day trip to neighbouring Kuala Lumpur on an AirAsia flight.

Be prepared to see a lot more red in this post.

Over 200 media representatives from Asia were there for the SANTAN Food Festival at the RedQ headquarters. This experiential food event featured a variety of hot meals from the AirAsia Inflight food & beverage menu.

Santan – or coconut milk – is basically the key ingredient in many of Southeast Asian dishes such as Thai green curry and nasi lemak which are both found in the AirAsia inflight food & beverage menu alongside other favourites such as chicken satay, chicken biryani and curry puffs.

My personal favourite?

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak – I would book a flight with AirAsia just to eat this.

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