Does it really matter if the news is fake?

TL;DR – I see therefore I am.

Much chatter has surfaced globally about “fake news” even before our Minister of Law, K.Shanmugam stepped in and gave his opinion on this topic. Recently a poll also shows that Singaporeans have expressed concern about this topic.

Let’s try to understand the situation here. What makes a piece of news fake? Is it simply reporting of “alternative facts”? What about news that choose to tell tales from a different angle? Are they considered as fake news as well?

I guess the above questions don’t really matter until the day comes that people can’t even be bothered to read articles or even headlines properly.

An article was posted on TODAY with the caption, Workers here have to be prepared to take up more than two jobs throughout their careers, and this means coping with multiple transitions, says labour chief Chan Chun Sing.

Nothing fake about this of course.

But, how did the Internet react to this piece of news?

Does it really matter if we are reporting fake news or not when people choose to read what they want to read instead of what’s really written in the first place?

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